Minus the Plus

OK, everyone. I’m going to give you a little inside information about the restaurant world.

There really is no such thing as “temp+”.

Asking for a medium rare plus is just going to get you a polite nod from the server. In the end the chef is going to cook a medium rare or medium, depending on the restaurant.

It’s like having someone ask you to pick a number between one and 10 and you go “6.5”. That’s not a thing.

There’s no magic wand in the kitchen that provides a precise temperature. There are just way too many factors to consider and control. The biggest of which is the meat itself.

So quit asking for “plus” when you order steak, and except the fact there’s going to be a little variance every single time. Enjoy!

For those of you who may not be aware of this, here’s a link to the popular thumb and finger method for cooking your steak to temp.

The Burger Buildoff

McDonald’s is testing two new burgers in Chicagoland, the finalists of the burger building competition they ran this summer. Here are the descriptions I found online and my quick rundown.

“The Rio Crisp Burger features a 1/4 lb. 100% all-beef patty, natural Pepper Jack cheese, chili lime tortilla strips, leaf lettuce, sliced tomato, sliced red onions, guacamole, and creamy peppercorn sauce on a toasted artisan roll.  The ChiTown Classic features a 1/4 lb. 100% all-beef patty, natural white cheddar cheese, natural pepper jack cheese, Canadian bacon, thick cut applewood smoked bacon, baby spinach & baby kale blend, sliced tomato, sliced red onions and mayo on a toasted quarter pounder bun.”

This Rio Crisp has so much potential. The flavor profile is great, but this is not a good fit for fast food. This is the kind of burger you want sitting down at a table, not trying to keep together while driving. The ChiTown Classic is a better fit, basically another great version of the Quarter Pounder with lots of flavor and easy transport.

Apparently purchases are votes, so I’m voting for the ChiTown… a lot! In fact, I should be voting again today. Enjoy!

Do you love sushi?

Often I have an idea for a post that is short and sweet. Something that’s too big for a tweet, but too small to be a full post.

So I’m launching a new category today called “Mini Treats”!

Like sushi, tapas, and the growing popularity of small plate dining, these are short posts where I’ll touch briefly on the latest food-related moments in my life. So, sit back, grab your small fork or no fork at all, and dig in. Enjoy!