Almost Heavenly Convenience Store Fare

As I’ve gotten older, my snack preferences have gravitated away from candy and cookies to goods with a little more substance. Most convenience stores offer hot, salty meat and bread options or soggy, cheaply made sandwich options. Few of these are palatable at best. The one exception I’ve found locally is 7-Eleven.

Taking a more serious, deli-quality approach to their pre-packaged food, 7-Eleven offers some delightful sandwiches with clearly marked freshness dates to ensure fresher, drier bread, lettuce with little to no wilt, and moist meats and cheeses. My current favorite is their Smoked Turkey and Jack Cheese on Cracked Wheat with Southwest Mayo. The toppings are generous and the flavor is tangy, making it a real treat to enjoy late at night. Price is reasonable for a healthy alternative to a burger or burrito. Plus, unlike a trip thru a late night drive thru, the sandwich is ready to go when I walk in. Enjoy!

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