I love being right!

One of the great things about having such a strong connection with food is that I’m really good at making suggestions to others. This knack is surprisingly helpful at my current job as a server.┬áThe joy on my guests’ faces when taking a chance on something I’ve suggested, pushing them out of their menu comfort zones, is particularly rewarding for both parties.┬áThat’s why I worked my way through experiencing the entire menu over the course of my first three months working at the Hawk. I wanted to be able to speak openly and honestly about the food.

Because I think a lot people don’t try new things due to fear. It’s scary to put unfamiliar edibles in one’s mouth, to gamble hard earned money on food that is priced beyond nourishment, to put one’s faith in another person’s likes and dislikes. Dining for any reason other than survival becomes an exercise in trust and a quest to satisfy one’s own particular preferences. That makes the job I do so very important to so many people.

Not everyone appreciates the role of server in the workplace, and this holds true on both sides of the apron. This person certainly does. So does this person. The latter is especially committed to preaching the message of respect for the profession. He is committed to speaking on the subject as part of his role as an ambassador of food and wine. Having attended classes he’s conducted for Cooper’s Hawk, I’ve taken up the cause and practice what I preach, by striving to be the best server I can. That includes knowing the food and wine we offer and speaking about it confidently. So if I say something is my favorite and that I’ve eaten it repeatedly, give it a shot. You may not like it, but at least you’ll know it didn’t kill me… yet. Enjoy!


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