I do so love to share!

Tonight I got a chance to share my love of food with two new guests sitting in my section. Talking them through the options they were considering, and in some cases offering better choices based on their input, I helped them achieve a truly great dining experience. In doing so, I sparked a deeper conversation about past food adventures.

When the gentleman described visiting Baja California and enjoying amazing seafood tacos purchased for a pittance from a shack on the beach, it reminded me how some of the best meals come from the most unexpected places, and are usually served up by the most passionate people. These aren’t always people who are passionate about food specifically, but about life in general. My mom used to say about her great cooking was that her secret ingredient was TLC. Like that surfer in Mexico who only opened the shack when the waves weren’t worth tackling, her passion wasn’t so much for the food as the joy of sharing. That’s why I love to talk about food, because I love to share the good things in life with anyone who will let me. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “I do so love to share!

  1. My partner and I were the lucky pair to receive Allen’s suggestions for dinner. Not only were his suggestions spot on…..the presentation, food quality and flavor were simply great! We had a truly wonderful dining experience. If I could recommend any restaurant in the Naperville/Chicago area it would be Cooper’s Hawk. It is truly fine dining that can be enjoyed in blue jeans or a tie. Ask for Allen!!

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