Inspiration on the Menu

Last night, when I told my wife I would be home to cook dinner this evening, she made a simple request. “I’d be really happy with just a salad.” So the wheels began turning.

At first, I thought about what I had at home, and started making a list of all my usual, favored salad fixings. Then I headed off to work. Chatting with a coworker led me to an idea. I reviewed the salads we offer at work, to see if any inspired me, based on the ingredients I wanted to use.

As a result, I made a delightful mixed green chicken salad with avocado, almonds, dried cherries, grape tomatoes and crumbled blue cheese, topped with a honey mustard dressing. ┬áIt turned out great, and we were both very happy with the results! From now on, I’m going to pay more attention to what’s on the menu at my favorite restaurants, since it just might inspire what’s on the menu at home. Enjoy!

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