Ode to an Unexpected Fave

McDonald’s Cuts Angus Burgers From Menu – ABC News.

I get it. McD’s is all about value now, so a premium burger like the Angus isn’t fitting in anymore. Honestly, I won’t miss the patty. It was more meat than I usually wanted and sometimes came out too salty.

That being said, what I will miss is the type of burgers that came with the patty. The deluxe was tasty and loaded with veggies. The bacon and cheese was good, but nothing to write home about. The version I’ll miss most is the Mushroom and Swiss. The combination of toppings was like nothing else on their menu. The only other burger that came close in recent memory was the short lived CBO (Cheddar Bacon Onion) Angus with white cheddar, grilled onions and a creamy mustard sauce.

So, I went to a local restaurant for a goodbye Mushroom and Swiss. The mayo was generous, the mushrooms tender and the swiss melty. They may still be available for a while yet locally, but this was the last one to savor and remember.

In the end, I don’t care about the patty, I just wish they still offered the topping combo, like maybe as a quarter pounder or something. Oh well, at least they still have the steak breakfast burrito in the morning… oh, wait…

Over the years, I’ve had my share of favorites that came and went. Arby’s best sandwich was the Southwest Melt. McDonald’s used to have an awesome McSkillet breakfast burrito and let’s not forget their Whopper-wannabe Big ‘N Tasty. Taco Bell had carnitas tacos on soft corn tortillas, and Wendy’s and Burger King constantly rotate their yummiest stuff “for a limited time”. It’s sad when the fast food chains get rid of their best offerings. It’s a lot like getting attached to a short lived high concept tv series. Sometimes there just aren’t enough of us out there with taste to keep them around. Enjoy!

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