Coffee Chemistry

It must be nice for people who drink coffee black. Server comes by with the pot and just refills away. I’m a cream and sugar guy. Getting just the right mix is very important to me. I can only take a refill when I’m empty or halfway, so I know how to recreate my perfect blend.

Some servers get it. Some have fun with it. (That’s right, Brenda. I’m talking about you.) I’ve learned to love red wine, so maybe someday I’ll learn to love black coffee. In the meantime, cream and sugar please and I’ll let YOU know when I want more. Enjoy!

One thought on “Coffee Chemistry

  1. I know exactly what you mean! I used to drink my coffee with cream and sugar and nothing drove me crazier than losing track of the perfect mix because of an overzealous server. Fortunately I’ve given up cream and sugar and don’t have to worry.

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