Another “On Par” Breakfast Place

I visited the Egg’lectic Cafe for breakfast today. Maybe I should have ordered a breakfast entree, but I had a pot roast sandwich instead with a side of “Mexican rice”. It was quite tasty, but calling the thinly sliced meat pot roast seemed inaccurate. The rice, corn and bean mix was a bit dry, as is often the case with precooked rice side dishes, but enjoyable with a little hot sauce on top. The flavored coffee was worth a second cup.

Sure, I’d go back, as is the case with most “on par” restaurants. Because on par is a perfect assessment. It satisfies the expectations, but does not exceed them. A birdie, eagle or hole-in-one is much rarer, so any establishment should be happy with on par. It’s infinitely better than being sub-par. Enjoy!

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