Thanks for the memories…

When I talk about past meals, it’s because they stuck with me. I remember them. Many times, I remember meals better than most other events in my past. I’ve often said it’s because eating can create the strongest memories by combining all the senses.

If I go to a museum, I usually only see the displays and hear the sounds around me and feel the air and floor. I might even smell the age of the display or catch a whiff of someone’s perfume or cologne. So I might max out at four senses in almost anything I do. Eating is a full sensory experience. So great meals with great company can stick with me better than almost anything else.

That’s why my business trip to China back in 2006 left me with more food stories than anything else. It’s also why at the very least I like to have a beverage in hand at all times when getting together with friends. It’s why nearly all my first dates with women in the past involved food or drink. I recognize my connection with food and want to have the best chance to make a memory when I’m somewhere new with new people.


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