Eyes open and mouth shut!

When it comes to Facebook, more and more I try to adopt the above philosophy. When the site helps me keep track of past friendships and present family, it’s great. When my feed gets inundated with political rants and religious fervor, it’s not so great. Plus, I never feel comfortable when someone’s post has a mix of comments that are so left or right of center that they make me squirm in my seat reading them.

I’m a moderate, diplomatic fellow with a strong bent toward common sense and open-mindedness. I’m intelligent and eloquent. I can present a good argument with wit and charm. Yet, I don’t do it on Facebook because I like most of my friends and family and don’t want to stop.

So, if I get fed up enough or inspired enough, I’ll post it here. It’s my forum and my voice, so I’ll keep Facebook for dialogues and do my monologing here. Enjoy!

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