Double Dipped

With so much of my food life being at home lately, and life in general being focused elsewhere, it’s rare that I’m inspired to post. Today, I found that inspiration.

I went to Taco Bell to try their new Shredded Beef Grilled Cheese Dipping Taco. It’s really good. Melty, meaty, crunchy, tender, flavorful; plenty of people have reviewed it on line. I hear it took two years for Taco Bell to perfect the recipe for the meat! As someone who’s recently fallen in love with quesabirria-style tacos, it’s a passable substitute. I would definitely get it again, but not very often, for one primary reason. It’s messy! It’s the kind of taco no one should try to get and eat while driving, especially if you’re the driver. My left hand was a cheesy, gooey, sticky, saucy mess halfway through. And no one needs as much sauce as they give you, especially if you dip it in both sauces together, which was the best way to enjoy it.

Which led to another discovery. With the leftover sauces, I opted to buy a side of black beans to mix with the leftovers. It was a smart move, but led me to learn that Taco Bell doesn’t seem to stock spoons. Which is crazy. They have several items served in bowls. Now, my wife has led me to believe there are two schools of thought on this. I’m of the Utensil matches the Vessel school, and she’s of the Utensil matches the Meal school. This means that I use a spoon if it’s in a bowl, no matter the contents. She uses a fork if it’s a solid no matter the container. So, we’re a mixed marriage.

Anyway, if you get a chance to try it, definitely go inside and dip to your heart’s content. Just plan to make a mess and don’t expect them to have a spoon to help you clean it up. Enjoy!

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