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I’m considering a new series of posts, but I can’t decide how to classify them.

A little background. As of this writing, I’m 43 years old. Like many of my peers, I sit snugly between the old and the new. I’m old enough to remember all things analog, but young enough to embrace all things digital. My parents were old fashioned by their generation’s standards. While most teens were idolizing Tom Cruise and John Hughes films, I was admiring the works of Danny Kaye and Cary Grant. I spent a good portion of the 90’s catching up on the 80’s. I’ve worked more jobs than I can count, in multiple career fields, such as service, retail, restaurant, design and marketing, etc.  My parents taught me values that have carried me through my toughest times. As a late bloomer, I’m now raising my first child, a precocious 10 month old who’s exploring his newfound ability to stand up in the crib behind me as I type.

Because of him, I think a lot now about the legacy I can leave behind. I also think a lot about how I’m wired, mentally, relative to my peers. Much of my character, and moral/ethical compass point me to higher notions of nobility, honor, and a strong work ethic. I’ve also learned to apply intelligence and logic to perform most tasks more efficiently.

Here’s my dilemma. I can’t decide if I should just focus on advice for a stronger work ethic and better job performance, or if I should think in broader terms and record my advice on all things in life. One motivation is to address the need to teach others better thinking in the workplace. I experience daily reminders that many go through their day to day oblivious to how much better it would be if they elevated their approach. However, I’m also motivated to record my thoughts for my son, should something happen to me and I not be there to speak him in person.

As I write this, an idea begins to take form. Perhaps the simplest solution would be to write bits of job advice and then correlate them to a broader life application. Perhaps I’ll write one and see what people think. In the meantime, be well, and as always, enjoy!

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