Joy in the Journey

Many times, I watch insightful videos or read articles about some successful artist’s approach or technique. Whether it be in visual arts, storytelling, or any other creative endeavor. Sometimes I hear something I’ve not heard before, sometimes, there’s a glimmer of new information I may be able to apply to my own efforts. What is often missing from these insights is the quintessential reason artists “arrive” and become successful. Because there is no one reason. Every artist’s journey is unique. There is no one thing that leads to success. Some may say it’s creativity, or drive, or determination, or follow-through, or luck. It’s all of those and none of those.

For every artist who’s made it, there are hundreds, perhaps thousands, who are still trying every day to survive, and even better, thrive, on their passion. All of them continue the journey from various stages, yet may never achieve the goal, they may never “arrive”. For them, I have to ask, “Are you happy in the journey?” I’m not saying we should be content to never succeed. I’m not saying we shouldn’t keep trying. I’m wondering, are we happy in the effort? Do we find joy in the journey? Can we live our life, fulfilled, knowing we may not have achieved the destination we set out for in the beginning? If only the destination brings happiness, and not the way we get there, are we on the right path? I say, don’t just find happiness in “making it”, find joy in the journey.

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