Tipping Alternatives in Fine Dining

Tipping Alternatives in Fine Dining.

The debate continues. On the one hand, gratuity can drive ambition, innovation and service excellence. On the other hand, a fair wage can do the same thing. Serving is an occupation that is best staffed by those who genuinely care about others enough to offer a quality experience independent of compensation, but even the most selfless still need to provide for themselves and their families.

I’m convinced that any significant change in the status quo in America would never happen overnight. It nearly always takes a significant event to spark radical change and what significant event could possibly do away with gratuity without sacrificing the business models associated? So long as service is primarily a job and not a career for the majority of Americans employed in such work, the notion that we could successfully follow a European model is ludicrous at best. Enjoy!

Update: The tipping debate continues and the IRS gets involved!

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