August. August 9th.

This is kind of a big day in kind of a big month. Two of my favorite people celebrate their birthdays today, and my most favorite person in the world celebrates later this month.

Today, the young lady who made me an uncle for the first time turns sixteen. She’s been a joy to get to know as she’s grown up into a talented and caring teenager with a bright future. Her mom’s birthday just passed, and she’s an amazing sister-in-law and friend.

Also celebrating today is one of my best friends, who made me believe I could have more than one. She was one of my first subscribers, which is just like her, supportive and involved.

On the 22nd, my wife’s birthday arrives. There won’t be much fanfare this year, but in my heart, there will be fireworks and a parade!

So, to all the ladies in my life who arrived fresh from the oven that is August, I say, “Let them eat cake!” (Gluten-free of course for you, honey.) Have a wonderful birthday, and as always… Enjoy!

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