I don’t eat pizza as much as I used to. Mainly because it’s mostly made with a crust, and usually those crusts are made with wheat, and since I eat out more with my gluten-intolerant wife than anyone else, I don’t eat pizza as much as I used to.

When I did eat pizza with frequency, I loved it, especially stuffed and deep dish.  My favorites among the local chains were, in order, Lou Malnati’s, Gino’s East and Giordano’s. Except when I was in the mood for a spinach deep dish, then Giordano’s managed the best version, except maybe for Edwardo’s.

Once Cathy and I started dating, I made a concerted effort to find pizza places with gluten-free crusts. Our visits are still infrequent, but the first we discovered was at the Chicago Dough Company in New Lenox. When it impacted them personally, the operating family committed to offering a wide range of options. That made for some great date nights until I moved from the area.

Lou’s and Giordano’s now offer gf crusts. We haven’t tried the latter, but we went to the former today, where we were able to enjoy a rare pizza lunch. Their crust is acceptable, as gf goes, but Lou’s still tops it superbly, so it satisfies the craving.

Of the national chains, Domino’s is the only one with a gf crust we’ve tried so far. With all their efforts to improve their recipes, it was a pleasant surprise. The thin crust was light and crackery, not as dense as has been typical in the past with gf crusts.

No one’s managed a gf deep dish or hand tossed style yet. I can’t wait for that to happen. Until then, a nice thin crust hits most of the spots. Enjoy!

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