The Oxymoron of Jumbo Shrimp…

… Or, Man, I’ve got to remember to take a picture!

In-laws came over for dinner today at our apartment. Cathy wanted to make Shrimp & Scallop Scampi, so I jumped at the chance to finally try making Mexican Drunken Shrimp at home. For those who don’t know the appetizer from Cooper’s Hawk, you’ve no idea what you are missing. (The only change I made to the recipe from their Celebration cookbook was leaving out the jalapeƱos in deference to sensitive stomachs.)

I now have a new found respect for our line cooks at the restaurant. Cooking time alone was easily 20 minutes, but they manage to churn this dish out in 10-12. Beyond that, my version was a big hit with everyone. Probably could have made a double batch and they would have still been gobbled up.

It was fun putting the elements together, successfully. The dish is a bit pricy to make at home more than occasionally, takes almost as long to prep as to cook, and makes a mess of a more than a fair amount of dishes. I can’t wait to make it again. This one actually called for a double reduction and i pulled it off. Maybe next time I’ll remember to take a picture.

On a side note, I helped Cathy with her prep since she helped me with mine. If you’ve never minced shallots before, be prepared for a new level of crying. Holy shallot, those things had me bawling! Enjoy!

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