My Final Word on… My Views

The beauty of the “Myself” category is that it gives me an opportunity to speak my mind on subjects unrelated to food. At the same time, I want to make it easy for my subscribers and visitors to identify my politically and religiously charged posts by giving them The same ongoing theme. So, whenever you see a posted titled, “My Final Word on…”, you’ll know whether you’ll want to skip the post or dive right in.

The main goal of these posts for me is to offer an intelligent perspective on the things I’d rather not argue on Facebook. Too often, people want to argue the left or the right. My hope is to present a lucid argument on the middle. Whether the topic is guns, gay marriage, the economy, or religion, I’m looking to document my beliefs on each subject. As much as I’d love to entertain and challenge others with these posts, it also offers a record of where I stand today to amuse my future self in the years to come. After all, I can’t help but laugh at what I used to think and believe in years past. So that’s my final word on my views… for now. Enjoy!

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