A Fond(a) Memory

Part of the inspiration for the idea of blogging came from a series of experiences my wife and I had at an establishment called Fonda Isabel in Villa Park.

Our first trip there happened by accident as the nondescript and cheesy exterior gave no indication of the finer dining available inside. Seeking simple Mexican fare, we were greeted with amazing contemporary cuisine, a fusion of all things Latin, from both sides of the pond.

The food was amazing, and rarely disappointing, with their version of the classic chips and salsa including four house-made dips, each as flavorful as the others. Food presentation was always appetizing, and portion and price were well in line with comparable establishments.

Their downfall, in my opinion, could be largely attributed to one obvious factor. Service was sub-par. They always seemed understaffed, no matter when we went, and everything seemed to take longer because of it. The manager was ever-present, which both helped and hurt them, because it meant he was readily available to deal with problems, but also seemed ignorant of the obvious one.

It’s a shame, really. At one point they tried to resort to a cheaper, more traditional menu, but by then, they’d already lost out to the competition. It’s just further proof that the key to success in a such a competitive field requires more than just good food. It takes a keen awareness of all the factors that impact a patron’s experience. Enjoy!

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